Give some Honey to your Hunny!

Today, let's talk about one of nature's most delicious gifts: honey! I think I can safely say that we have all had honey in our lifetimes. Whether it was from being given honey when we were sick to soothe our throats, or adding it to our tea for flavour - we have all at some time or another had some honey. And likely, we have known about some of the health benefits that come from honey. But did you know these benefits can be applied to our dogs? No? Don't worry, I just learned this.

Last week I had the amazing @BerenedoodleDash come over for a sleepover. His mom left me with all his staples: toys, treats, food, and honey. Wait. Honey? Yes, honey. I was a little confused, I thought maybe she was giving me a little sweet treat, because what dog eats honey? She was great enough to share with me that Dash gets about a teaspoon of honey in his food to help with his allergies. His allergies affect his eyes (this was validated by a vet) and leads to eye infections. Since having honey each morning, his eye infections left! Um, amazing. 

Since this amazing nugget of knowledge entered my life I have become obsessed with researching it, and have the following tips for those of you who are looking to supplement a dog who has seasonal allergies with honey. 

1. Go Local

Buying local honey ensures that the honey contains trace amounts of the local allergens (the pesky little contributors that give us allergies). If you buy honey from outside your local area, you won't be building a tolerance to local allergens. What's the point (other than deliciousness, I admit). 

2. Unpasteurized or bust!

The honey you are likely to find in your local grocery store has been processed, and often filled with extra sugars (think high fructose corn syrup) that pretty much make the benefits of the honey useless. You need to make sure the honey states unpasteurized. Even better, if you can find somewhere that supplies wild flower honey -- grab it! It is more likely to contain the pollens and other allergens that contribute to our allergies. 

3. Recommended for adult dogs

Just like in humans, you want to be careful when giving honey to puppies. Raw honey can contain some spores that puppies bodies might not be strong enough to fight. Even though the amount in honey is tiny, a baby immune system is not strong. Even with adult dogs, moderation is key. 

 4. Like I just said, Moderation. 

Try adding 1/2-1 teaspoon to your dogs food. You don't want to overload them with the calories, and even though it is healthy sugar - it is still sugar. Supplementing with honey is not recommended for diabetic dogs. 

 5. As always, if you aren't sure - talk to your vet. 

 Self explanatory. 

Here are links to a couple of Local Toronto Honey Suppliers, if you are interested in giving your dogs top quality honey


Are you already supplementing your dogs with honey? If so, let us know your experience in the comments. 


It's a Dog's World.. We're just living in it!

 Kelsey Edwards



Photo credit:

Inside the studio...what a creative transformation of metal clay!

'I create precious metal clay. It's a unique medium that allows you to mold the clay into any shape you want to, and imprint any texture that you would like to as well. Once dried and sanded, it is fired in a kiln at a very high temperature, where it undergoes a sintering process. The metal clay essentially sinters into metal. After more sanding, buffing, and sealing, the piece is complete." 

Shop Melanie's collection at the Liberty Village Art Crawl - June 11th 2016



In the studio... Glass reimagined into functional art creations

"Glass fusing involves stacking, or layering thin sheets of glass, using different colors to create patterns or simple images. The piece is then placed inside the kiln and heated until the separate pieces begin to bond (fuse) together. This is achieved at a temperature of about 1490 degree.

The glass is then either, placed in a mold and re-fired (slump) to give it the shape of plates, bowls, candle holder etc. or cut, polished and re-fired to create unique pieces of jewelry." 

See her collection at the Liberty Village Art Crawl June 11th


Beauty secrets of Pampered Pooches revealed!

When it comes to dogs with dye, one dog comes to mind: @tiffanythepommie. We spoke with her humans to ask some of the questions we thought would be useful to those who are considering this. Enjoy! 

What made you decide to dye Tiffany's hair?Oh boy that’s a hard one,  I can’t really remember.  I think it was my husband’s idea.    I think we were sitting out on our deck one afternoon and Jeff was making a fauxhawk on Tiffany’s head with a bit of water and it looked really funny and cute, so we took it from there and colour just seemed to the next option to make it even cuter!

Do people ever cast judgement on you? Not outwardly, we’ve never had an outright negative reaction.

How do you respond?  It would depend, if it was constructive, as in, we shouldn’t have cut our Pom’s coat down, I’d have to agree.   Grooming a pom short can cause reverse grooming alopecia or in Tiffany’s case seasonal alopecia (she sheds her coat in the summer and it doesn’t grow back) in the winter however it comes back in and she gets fluffy again.       If the judgement was that they don’t agree with dressing up a dog or putting sunglasses on her, I’d say that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it; they would have to see how excited Tiffany gets when I get her hoodie out and she knows she’s going out.    And we put the sunglasses on her and she’s happy to keep them on – as long as dad is carrying her – she knocks them off mostly as soon as we put her down on the ground.   We’d never force our dogs to do anything.   We have other dogs at home, and they do NOT get excited when a hoodie comes out and would shake the sunglasses off as soon as they were on; so we don’t do that with them.     So we leave it up to Tiff.  If she’s happy we’re happy.

Obviously I am a huge fan of purple, I designed my marketing around it. What made you choose that colour?  It was our groomers suggestion;  we had done pink at first, but it was too light, and we tried green, but that just didn’t seem Tiffany.  We tried the purple and voila!  A star was born LOL. 

Does she always rock the same style or do you guys ever change it up? Any big plans for her pampered pooches style.   Tiffany has her signature style and I think she just owns it now. Her purple fauxhawk, her sunglasses,  her Pretty Paw Harness and usually her black skull hoodie.  People do think she’s a boy and often refer to her as a biker pooch!   And get a laugh when we say her name is Tiffany.     We don’t have any big plans to change it up…she’s not a girly dog, so definitely no frills, bows or dresses!  LOL   She does have a few variations.   She has a red Canada hoodie for Canada Day…and she has a couple of colourful UV shirts to protect her from the sun, and an orange hoodie for a bit more fun in the summer.    Oh and variety of knit hats for the winter! LOL

Do you think Tiffany loves it? For example, my dog Sadie is getting crazy attention with her purple ears and loves the attention! I am sure it’s the same for tiff.   Definitely!  She gets so excited when her hoodie and harness comes out.  She’s the only one of our dogs that literally puts her legs up to help you get her hoodie and harness on.   Our other dogs usually make it as difficult as possible when it comes to that! Like lay on their back; or tuck both legs under their body; or just run around with me trying to catch them!  LOL.  Not Tiffany, she’s always raring to go.  She will bark (which she does rarely) when we go out without her.  LOL

Will you keep doing this for her?   Yes, as long as she is ok with it.  She makes so many people smile, it’s just so wonderful to see.  We’ve seen grumpy kids light up when they see her.  People who are barreling down a street lost in their own thoughts will suddenly stop, smile and say hello.   We have met so many wonderful people because of Tiffany; we get to hear about their dogs and their stories; some happy, some sad, but there is always a connection. Because she’s so gentle and docile; children of all ages can pet her and learn about being gentle with animals.   Some people will just stop and laugh which is the most wonderful thing to see. My face always hurts from smiling at the end of the day.  

Anything you want to say to people thinking of giving their dog's a dramatic hair style?   As long as your dog is ok with it and most importantly it’s not harmful or hurtful to your pooch, why not?   

Written by: Kelsey Edwards


AGO First Thursdays: From the eyes of a Toronto Art Crawl intern

A Night at the Gallery: AGO First Thursdays

Laura Parent, April 8 2016

Having been to two of the AGO’s first Thursdays events now, I feel I am more or less qualified to write a review of the event. Despite being run since 2012, I certainly had no idea that this event existed prior to this year. I naively believed that the ROM was the only cultural institution in the city trying to engage other demographics.

Not unlike the ROM’s Friday night events, the first Thursday of each month is an opportunity for the culturally aware to partake in a night of music, spoken word performance, visual art and, of course, drinking (sorry under 18s). The theme of this month’s event was “Outsiders, Outlaws and Poets”, to coincide with the new Outsiders exhibit.

It is most definitely the busiest I have ever seen the AGO, with the majority of people concentrated somewhere around the two main bars, offering a selection of gourmet late night snacks and drinks, for a price. There is little opportunity for good conversation, so I don’t suggest you take a new date here. You’re also apt to lose them in the crowd!

The second most popular area seems to be the interactive spaces. At the April event, this was situated down the hall from one of the bars, and allowed everyone to color and stamp their own buttons. It was quite the popular activity, so naturally I just watched from afar to avoid the hordes of young adults making their own buttons. Still a little sad I didn’t shove my way in though!

At the March event, there was a space in one of the gallery wings to color postcards with various images of Toronto streets and skylines. This elicited some varied results, with mine staying entirely blank whilst my companions became a beautiful rainbow of colors scribbled across the image. Goes to show you that I’m definitely one of the people going to observe art, not create it!

And what a variety of art there is. Aside from the traditional gallery fare open to be explored after hours (which elicits some “Night at the Museum” type excitement), there is a variety of spoken word, music, discussions and installations to visit.

 Scattered around the second floor were presentations about the new exhibit at the AGO, Outsiders, and some very talented spoken word artists reading poems, novel excerpts and the like, providing a more culturally significant sonic backdrop than the chatter and laughter of young couples and friends exploring the gallery.

The event also features a variety of musical talent that tends to draw a crowd just off the first floor atrium. This month, the acts were Carole Pope and the She Devils, although I was only able to stay awake long enough to see the latter. The ambient lighting and sound helps to create an atmosphere that made me feel like an outsider in the best way possible. To me, it was about people that don’t quite fit the mold but have so much to offer, the way I think we’ve viewed many creative people over the years.

As a twenty-something, it seems I was the prime audience for this event. Most of the people wandering the gallery were other young adults, perhaps those who don’t typically gravitate towards visiting the gallery, but were enticed by the after hours’ drinks and unique experience that I don’t think we typically associate with art galleries.

It’s quite an interesting concept, to create a unified cultural experience within one space that I think many of us forget about, or maybe don’t associate with exciting contemporary culture. It brings together so many different demographics into one space.

While I prefer my art in a quiet gallery, not navigating hordes of people, not quite so late at night, and the ability to explore the entire gallery (although I am now very well acquainted with the main and second floors), I definitely see the merit in events like this. It’s a great way to experience the AGO if you’ve not been, and the idea of going to “just an art gallery” bores you, and an excuse to get out on a weeknight with some friends or your significant other. I hope to see a great deal more of these aggregated cultural events in future around the city!


Does your pooch ride the red rocket?

 So I took my dogs to a park this weekend since Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and as I was waiting for the bus a lady asked me if dogs were allowed to ride it, and then I wondered… Do Torontonians know how the laws work for our little ones regarding the public transportation?

I have only been here for 7 months and when I have first arrived I was amazed when bumping into some pooches while on the subway, but now is so already on my routine to see this and also to take my dogs with me everywhere I can that it comes as a surprise to find out that there are still lots of pawrents unaware of this ease.

According to the TTC, pets (dogs, cats, bunnies and other small rodents) are totally allowed to ride on buses and trains if properly leashed or crated, and respect the peak hours during weekdays, which means: no pets allowed from 6h30 am to 10h am and from 3h30 pm to 7 pm from Monday to Friday. On weekends and holidays pets can ride normally at any time. The exception to this rule is for Service Dogs*, which are allowed even at peak times.

It is important to note, however, that on Go Buses and Trains your pet need to be crated and do not bother the other passengers. Also, even on regular buses the driver can refuse to let you in if he decides the vehicle is already too crowded, although this is a common sense matter.

So, now that you know your furriend can ride the subway with you, you can start planning where to take her for a walk. I’m pretty sure she will love it! At least some raccoons do.

Written By: Ana Andrade

Animal Lover | Veterinary Physician (Brazil)

Starting over in Toronto! Rescue Supporter & Volunteer.

@ana.oandrade | @BarkingLove

* “service animal” shall have the same meaning as set out in Ontario Regulation 429/07 of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, S.O. 2005, c. 11, as amended



It all started with drawing the Sunday comics as a child.

My name is Elsie Chiu, a self-taught abstract artist working primarily with acrylics on canvas. My love for art started at an early age. From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for drawing and painting. My favourite pastime as a child was drawing the “Sunday Comics” which brought me great joy.

This year (2016) I followed my heart and took a leap of faith by leaving my corporate job to pursue my passion for painting full-time. Painting exhilarates and grounds me at the same time. It allows me to connect with a deeper part of me, giving a voice to my emotions. 

My experiences fuel my creativity.  My inspiration and influences come from the world around me. It comes from everything I feel, see, and hear. I am inspired by the sound of children's laughter, the beauty of rain falling against a window pane or the colours and flow of graffiti on the side of a building.

When I paint, I am drawn toward undefined “accidental” brush strokes and bold splashes of paint. I combine these with layers of paint creating thick textures with organic flow giving my paintings energy and a voice.

I will be exhibiting my paintings at the Entertainment District Art Crawl on July 8, 2016. I invite you to come see my work and experience what I feel. 

Seven Toronto dog celebrities you'll want to follow!

Does your pooch have his or her own Instagram account? These days, that is not so surprising.


Let’s face it, we are a society who loves our social media. There is no shame in it, I love you, you love it, we love it. It brings people together, but would you believe that these days it is also bringing DOGS together? There is a new instagram trend where DOGS are gaining extreme internet fame (#jealous). Because you are reading this blog, I know some things about you already

  1. you love dogs

  2. you have access to the internet

  3. the idea of dog’s brightening your Instagram feed has enticed you

  4. you want me to quit stalling and highlight some famous doggies to follow

There are thousands of amazing dog Instagram accounts, and this is in no way a top 10 list. These are some local Toronto pooches being showcased. If your pooch has an Instagram, be sure to leave their username in the comment section – there is no such thing as too many dog Instagram accounts!

Kimchi & Dudley (and their bff/brother Dexter) @Kimchithecorgi/dudleycorgi/dexterthecycorg

– over 50,000 followers combined

These 3 stole my heart, to the point where I became somewhat of a stalker (it totally paid off, because now they are all my bffs on and offline). They all have such distinct personalities, and their posts will melt your heart. Just to give you a taste of what to expect, Kimchi calls herself the ‘Beyonce of Corgis’. So yeah, you're in for a treat.

Tiffany the Pommie @tiffanythepommie (250+ followers)

Tiffany is the raddest and most microscopic sweetheart in the GTA. She is at all the pet themed events in the city, and is guaranteed to make you say “awwwwww”.

Remix the Dog @remixthedog (over 81,000 followers)

With a bio that reads “the most interesting dog in the world” you know you are in for awesome posts. All the photos are professional grade, and just so adorable.

Rupert Allan @rupert_allan_the_bulldog (125+ followers). 

What isn’t to love about a bulldog with an extreme under bite? But, that’s not the best thing about his Instagram. Rupert posts relatable memes that sometimes make you forget that he is a dog, because really – he is one of us.

Oscar Pawpi @oscarpawpi (23,000 followers)

Why this dog has over 20,000 is pretty obvious – just look at that tongue. But seriously, Oscar’s posts are relevant, funny, and even informative. Definitely a city dog, just looking for love.


Dean the Basset @deanthebasset (100,000+ followers)

Dean is in the big leagues when it comes to instagram fame, and really just internet fame. He has written articles for buzzfeed (, so not only is he adorable, but he is intelligent and a better blogger than I am!

Murray @murraythegolden (7000+ followers)

I grew up with golden retrievers, so I am a total sucker for them.. but something about Murray just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. His posts are like drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day.

It is endless – if you are looking for more dogs to follow, go to my Instagram (@dogsworldTO) and look at who I am following, because it is 99% dog accounts. You will see bernedoodledash, _dieselthebugg, porterinthecity, and so many more!

Like I said, if you have a doggy Instagram, please comment below and let us know who you are – so we can follow you.

My favourite part of dog instagrams is seeing doggy friendships form. The Canadian Pet Expo was this past weekend, and the number of “I can’t wait to see my bff ________ there” posts was truly inspiring. Pampered Pooches is just around the corner, so why not form some awesome internet friendships and aim to bring them to life on May 7, 2016 in Liberty Village.

It really is a Dog’s World, isn’t it?

Kelsey Edwards






Move over bunny! Easter puppy is here!

Time to get your pooches in the Easter spirit!
Easter is here, so for those of you scrambling to find some ideas on how to celebrate with your fur babies, we have you covered. Easter is known for being all about rabbits, chocolate eggs, and family. We are going to go over some ideas on how you can incorporate those ideals to celebrate in style with your pup. 

Easter eggs for dogs:

All over the internet you can find recipes for DIY dog cookies. Why not grab some egg shaped cookie cutters, bake some doggy Easter eggs - and have an Easter egg hunt for your dog? 

See some recipes here:

If you don't feel like going through the effort of staging a hunt, the national service dog association is throwing a doggy Easter egg hunt on Good Friday (March 25). Sadly, there are no events in Toronto but if you're willing to take a road trip, then you're good to go! See the locations here: (attached pic). You can learn more here:


This is a pretty easy theme to bring to life in a dog setting. Check out your local pet store, chances are you will find a stuffed rabbit toy. Be sure to take lots of pictures before your dog totally destroys the bunny. 

Wanting something a bit more life like? No, I do not suggest you go on a rabbit hunt. Rather, why not go get a picture of your pup with the Easter bunny? 

March 25-27: Canadian Pet Expo (

There is also an Easter event at pawsway, which is free! They will have a photo booth set up! March 27 12:00-5:00 pm (

Alternatively, why not channel your own Easter bunny? Hit up the dollar store, buy some bunny ears, and take a photo shoot with your pup! 


Regardless of the setting, be sure to share your pictures and tag @torontoartcrawl and @dogsworldTO so we can share in the adorableness. 


This one is obvious, dogs are just as much part of our family as a human is. Take today, and every day, to remind yourself how lucky you are! Regardless if you make your dog Easter egg cookies, have:go to an Easter egg hunt, or take ridiculously cute rabbit photos - just enjoy this long weekend with your pups and make the most out of it. Wishing you and yours the happiest Easter! 

Remember, it's a dog's world: we're just living in it!


Written by: Kelsey Edwards


Love dogs? Don't miss these!


 Torontonians who love dogs have a full agenda of events ahead this year.

Here is our top 10 DON'T MISS list! 

March 25th – Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs, from NSD (various cities)

National Service Dogs holds this event for 18 years now, in various cities throughout Canada. Plastic eggs filled with dog treats are hidden at a local park and the idea is to start your inner hunter and find them! It’s a very amusing family day where everybody wins: the furry ones get treats, you have fun by helping raising money to the service dogs, plus, you might win a getaway for two to Montreal!

For more information on this event:

March 25 to 27, 2016 – Spring Canadian Pet Expo (Mississauga )

If you enjoy going to malls, or if you are like me, who loves spending time at pet stores checking what else you can get to continue spoiling your pup, then this is your place. A huge space with all kinds of professionals and brands related to pets, from food to veterinary clinics, apparel to training and rescue organizations. You will also have the chance to watch shows, competitions, games, and, of course, dogs everywhere, as they are very welcome! If you’re lucky you might even get to see Smiley! Yes, the Canadian therapy dog who’s always smiling will be there to share his story and make everybody “awww”, myself included.

For more information on this event:

March 26th - Easter with the Ultimutts

The Ultimutts Stunt Dog Show is visiting PawsWay Saturday for an afternoon of family fun. If you laugh when dogs do tricks or human-like stuff you will dig this presentation of more than 50 circus style stunts and games.                                                                                          

For more information on this event

March 27th Purina’s Pawsway Easter Sunday Event

A family event, mainly focused on kids, using Easter as a theme. The famous photobooth will be there to register tails and whiskers!

For more information on this event:

May 7th - Pampered Pooches T.O.

Love shopping and keeping up with the latest doggy trends, but not particularly keen on airless crowded malls?  Well, then this is pawfect for you! An outdoor event so you and your bestie can enjoy the lovely spring weather while acquainting with some of the finest market brands, delightful food, pet photography and much more!

For more information on this event:

May 7th and 8th – KW Pet Expo, Kitchener

Much like the Canadian Pet Expo, this will be a big event for those who want to know more about pet health and the pet market. There will be contests, shows and talks, along with more than 50 dealers for pet related products or services.

For more information on this event:

May 28th and 29th – Woofstock

As they say, “Woofstock is the largest outdoor festival for dogs in North America”, and it really is huge. It first went on 13 years ago, and since then, it only got more attention from pet lovers all over the country, so much that they had to move from its original place in order to accommodate everyone. It is a full two day outdoor event, with the presence of more than 200.000 animal lovers among more than 250 vendors of all sorts of pet related products and services. It also has contests, shows, talks, prizes, and of course, tons of cute furries of all sizes and types, including yours!

For more information on this event:

June 25th and 26th– Summer Pet Fest

Torontonian dog lovers are really lucky, since they have a whole weekend of fun and pet related events happening here. This is the largest Canadian outdoor pet festival, occupying over 8 acres of exhibitors at the Downsview Park. It’s a delightful event for the whole family, including the pawesome little ones, who are more than welcome. By attending you also help rescue organizations with their funds, which is, per se, a lovely reason for attending.

For more Information on this event:

Dog Lovers Days – various dates and places

This one is an event specifically destined for your dog! Your pooch will have a wonderful time playing, running, and being spoiled while helping raising awareness on dog related questions and funds for rescue organizations. If you are near any of the places, you should definitely stop by.

For more information on this event:

August 20th – London Pawlooza

London Pawlooza is a 100% volunteer-driven festival that happens every year in London, Ontario. The goal is to have a day of lots of fun for the family (and the pups), meanwhile touching people on abandoned pets and animal welfare, and that is why it always takes place on International Homeless Animal’s Day. There is an off leash Fun Zone, a swimming pond, agility activities and lots more of entertainment. All the fees go to charities and you will have the chance to take a bff home with you, since there are always adoptable canines available. Definitely a must go!

For more information on this event:

September 10th and 11th – Fall Canadian Pet Expo and Reptile Breeders Expo

The fall version of the Spring Canadian Pet Expo, it’s part of the same series of events from Canadian Pet Expo, however, this one brings a little cold touch… reptiles! Over 300 exhibitors, various shows, activities, lectures and much more. It is an event for the family, for the animal lover and for the business person.

For more information on this event:


Written By: Ana Andrade

Animal Lover | Veterinary Physician (Brazil)

Starting over in Toronto! Rescue Supporter & Volunteer.

@ana.oandrade | @BarkingLove


It all started when I was a kid

Harness Your Creativity- The Series

My name is Tamara. I create textile-based mixed media art. At the heart of my work lies this quirky fact: I love to wrap sticks.

It started when I was a kid. Macramé plant hangers were all the rage. My grandmother got me a “how to” macramé book for my 8th birthday. I dove in, using spools of neon orange shoelace thread thanks to my dad who worked at a shoelace company. The knot used to securely hold the macramé strings together, a gathering knot, fascinated me. I loved that it was self-contained; no glue required. Ingenious. Cool. I was hooked.

Fast forward 10 years and I’m at OCAD, a textile design student. That’s where I got the bona fide, certified “ok” to keep wrapping. I used silks, cottons, and synthetic fibres to wrap chopsticks, shish kabob skewers, branches, basketry reed -- whatever I could get my hands on. I wove sculptural baskets and wrapped the exposed stakes, I wrapped the warp threads on my tapestries, and I created a miniature war whose army, ironically, wielded beautiful bows wrapped with silk. Fast forward again 16 years, and I finally figured out what to do with all the sticks – mount them onto paintings.

And so today my artwork combines texture, colour and wrapped structures to create unconventional fiber-based work. I wrap sticks found in everyday life: branches and twigs, chopsticks, dowels, matches and shish kabob sticks. The process of wrapping each stick and contemplating its placement on my paintings is a thoughtful, disciplined undertaking. Conversely, producing the companion paintings is a wholly spontaneous, intuitive process.  By juxtaposing the two, and using colour as a unifying entity, I hope to evoke a sense of order and spontaneity, growth, whimsy and beauty.

In my real life I am “mom” to two teenage boys and the Director of Development and Finance at a unique charity called Art Starts.

I am pleased to be presenting my work at the Liberty Village Art Crawl on Saturday June 11th and the Entertainment District Art Crawls on Friday July 8th and Friday August 12th.

It all began in Liberty Village, Canada's creative capital

Nadia Lloyd in a skirt from her collection

Nadia Lloyd in a skirt from her collection

Painting and photography by Nadia Lloyd   

Painting and photography by Nadia Lloyd


My name is Nadia Lloyd, I'm a self taught abstract artist, designer and event planner. In 2010 I sold my fitness boutique studio in the east end, picked up a paintbrush and started painting for the first time. It quickly became a passion and obsession and a full-time venture. By 2012 I started printing my art on different textiles to experiment with various home decor and fashion accessory products. I had a wish and desire to make my art functional, accessible and affordable, and I couldn't think of a better way than to print it on a pillow or a pair of leggings or skirt, so that's what I did! After a few years of experimenting I have four primary collections including cushion covers, scarves, leggings and skirts. My cushions and abstract art have been carried by retail stores such as Casalife and UpCountry and my scarves are available at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection Gift Shop in Kleinburg. 

My collections and original abstract art are all available online at

When I'm not painting and designing, I'm event planning. In June 2013, I ran an event I called the Liberty Village Art Crawl. I gathered 45 artists, 2 food trucks and a DJ at Liberty Park in Liberty Village for a full day of sun, food, shopping and catching up with friends and neighbors while supporting local artists and artisans. The event was hugely successful, went without a hitch and was very well received by the community.  

Following the event I was approached by other community leaders asking me to organize a similar event in their local communities, an offer I could not resist, and within months I became a full time event planner! 

Before I knew it, I had 5 annual events happening in three separate locations on an annual basis, and it was time to form a parent company that would oversee all of the events. That is when Toronto Art Crawl was born, in the early months of 2014. Since then, Toronto Art Crawl has been named "Top 10 outdoor art fairs to attend in Toronto" 2 years in a row by BlogTO (2014-2015) and has been presented by Cirque Du Soleil Luzia, Varekai and Toruk (2015-2016) and sponsored by companies such as BMW, Mill Street Brewery, Zipcar Toronto, Investor's Group to name a few. So needless to say, you NEVER know how a tiny idea can grow into something way bigger than yourself!

Even though it can sometimes be challenging to juggle art, design and event planning on a daily basis, the three are true labours of love, and I get so much joy and energy from them - it feels like play more than work.

My advice on harnessing creativity is just to be as creative as possible, as often as possible. I find the more I create, the more I create. I've come to the point where I need to create on a daily basis in one form or another. 

People often tell me that they're not creative, and I don't believe that one bit. I didn't discover my creativity till I was 35! I never went to art school and didn't really paint as a kid. So this was a truly strange yet welcome discovery for me. And it can happen to anyone. So my advice is like Nike says, JUST DO IT! Get out there and create. Do what ever makes your heart sing.

What inspires me the most is....

"What inspires me the most is colour.  Colour combinations found in nature; colour palettes designed to calm the senses; colours that attract us and give joy",  Sandra Negrete of Nocturnal Blue.

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How I fell into this line of work

"This playful selection of greeting card images are digitized versions of my original paintings.  I love this process because it allows my imagery to be printed in a variety of ways.  What's thrilling about working this way is that it makes my original artwork  ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE and FUNCTIONAL.  From birthdays, anniversaries, holidays to house warmings, there is an image for every occasion! ",  Jamie Ashforth, see more here!

What inspires me the most is....

"What inspires me the most is colour.  Colour combinations found in nature; colour palettes designed to calm the senses; colours that attract us and give joy",  Sandra Negrete of Nocturnal Blue.

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What inspires me the most is....

"the magic we can feel everyday, people surrounding me with their different stories, my personal life journey and nature",  Svetlana Gayvoroskaya of Illusori. Meet Svetlana and view her collection at our Christmas Market Nov. 22nd!

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What inspires me the most is....

"...the deep serenity to be found in nature, in contemplating the patterns in a fallen leaf or in the graceful curve of a blade of grass. In that stillness you can rediscover what is truly important in life and in the world.  I largely draw my inspiration from nature, using its shapes and patterns as the basis for my handcrafted, limited edition art prints and fine art photography."  Deb Richardson of Parchment Moon.

parchment paper.jpg

How I fell into this line of work....

"I worked in the music industry most of my life. We would all joke that we needed a plan B as digital became more a part of life... photography was my plan B. Actually it was always my true love, but I didn't think I could actually make a living at it! About 3 years ago I was laid off and instead of getting another J-O-B, I started living my dream. I rented out my basement apartment, I board dogs for people when they go on vacation through my other company Stink Eye Dogs and I get to make art for people to hang on their wall... life IS good!"

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People often ask me...

"People often ask me why I took the time to photograph each subway station rather than just creating the signs digitally. I wanted to capture to true feel of each station—all the grit and grime, the age and character. Each station is unique, and taking the time to visit every one of them was a transit nerd adventure." Tanya Harrison, Station

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What I like best about my work is...

that every new plate I find and deface with something silly, rude, or subversive, is unique. It's never boring, because there are so many awesome vintage plates, and so many ways to turn them into something new, Anna E. of lousongmade.

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