Seven Toronto dog celebrities you'll want to follow!

Does your pooch have his or her own Instagram account? These days, that is not so surprising.


Let’s face it, we are a society who loves our social media. There is no shame in it, I love you, you love it, we love it. It brings people together, but would you believe that these days it is also bringing DOGS together? There is a new instagram trend where DOGS are gaining extreme internet fame (#jealous). Because you are reading this blog, I know some things about you already

  1. you love dogs

  2. you have access to the internet

  3. the idea of dog’s brightening your Instagram feed has enticed you

  4. you want me to quit stalling and highlight some famous doggies to follow

There are thousands of amazing dog Instagram accounts, and this is in no way a top 10 list. These are some local Toronto pooches being showcased. If your pooch has an Instagram, be sure to leave their username in the comment section – there is no such thing as too many dog Instagram accounts!

Kimchi & Dudley (and their bff/brother Dexter) @Kimchithecorgi/dudleycorgi/dexterthecycorg

– over 50,000 followers combined

These 3 stole my heart, to the point where I became somewhat of a stalker (it totally paid off, because now they are all my bffs on and offline). They all have such distinct personalities, and their posts will melt your heart. Just to give you a taste of what to expect, Kimchi calls herself the ‘Beyonce of Corgis’. So yeah, you're in for a treat.

Tiffany the Pommie @tiffanythepommie (250+ followers)

Tiffany is the raddest and most microscopic sweetheart in the GTA. She is at all the pet themed events in the city, and is guaranteed to make you say “awwwwww”.

Remix the Dog @remixthedog (over 81,000 followers)

With a bio that reads “the most interesting dog in the world” you know you are in for awesome posts. All the photos are professional grade, and just so adorable.

Rupert Allan @rupert_allan_the_bulldog (125+ followers). 

What isn’t to love about a bulldog with an extreme under bite? But, that’s not the best thing about his Instagram. Rupert posts relatable memes that sometimes make you forget that he is a dog, because really – he is one of us.

Oscar Pawpi @oscarpawpi (23,000 followers)

Why this dog has over 20,000 is pretty obvious – just look at that tongue. But seriously, Oscar’s posts are relevant, funny, and even informative. Definitely a city dog, just looking for love.


Dean the Basset @deanthebasset (100,000+ followers)

Dean is in the big leagues when it comes to instagram fame, and really just internet fame. He has written articles for buzzfeed (, so not only is he adorable, but he is intelligent and a better blogger than I am!

Murray @murraythegolden (7000+ followers)

I grew up with golden retrievers, so I am a total sucker for them.. but something about Murray just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. His posts are like drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day.

It is endless – if you are looking for more dogs to follow, go to my Instagram (@dogsworldTO) and look at who I am following, because it is 99% dog accounts. You will see bernedoodledash, _dieselthebugg, porterinthecity, and so many more!

Like I said, if you have a doggy Instagram, please comment below and let us know who you are – so we can follow you.

My favourite part of dog instagrams is seeing doggy friendships form. The Canadian Pet Expo was this past weekend, and the number of “I can’t wait to see my bff ________ there” posts was truly inspiring. Pampered Pooches is just around the corner, so why not form some awesome internet friendships and aim to bring them to life on May 7, 2016 in Liberty Village.

It really is a Dog’s World, isn’t it?

Kelsey Edwards