Does your pooch ride the red rocket?

 So I took my dogs to a park this weekend since Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and as I was waiting for the bus a lady asked me if dogs were allowed to ride it, and then I wondered… Do Torontonians know how the laws work for our little ones regarding the public transportation?

I have only been here for 7 months and when I have first arrived I was amazed when bumping into some pooches while on the subway, but now is so already on my routine to see this and also to take my dogs with me everywhere I can that it comes as a surprise to find out that there are still lots of pawrents unaware of this ease.

According to the TTC, pets (dogs, cats, bunnies and other small rodents) are totally allowed to ride on buses and trains if properly leashed or crated, and respect the peak hours during weekdays, which means: no pets allowed from 6h30 am to 10h am and from 3h30 pm to 7 pm from Monday to Friday. On weekends and holidays pets can ride normally at any time. The exception to this rule is for Service Dogs*, which are allowed even at peak times.

It is important to note, however, that on Go Buses and Trains your pet need to be crated and do not bother the other passengers. Also, even on regular buses the driver can refuse to let you in if he decides the vehicle is already too crowded, although this is a common sense matter.

So, now that you know your furriend can ride the subway with you, you can start planning where to take her for a walk. I’m pretty sure she will love it! At least some raccoons do.

Written By: Ana Andrade

Animal Lover | Veterinary Physician (Brazil)

Starting over in Toronto! Rescue Supporter & Volunteer.

@ana.oandrade | @BarkingLove

* “service animal” shall have the same meaning as set out in Ontario Regulation 429/07 of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, S.O. 2005, c. 11, as amended