Move over bunny! Easter puppy is here!

Time to get your pooches in the Easter spirit!
Easter is here, so for those of you scrambling to find some ideas on how to celebrate with your fur babies, we have you covered. Easter is known for being all about rabbits, chocolate eggs, and family. We are going to go over some ideas on how you can incorporate those ideals to celebrate in style with your pup. 

Easter eggs for dogs:

All over the internet you can find recipes for DIY dog cookies. Why not grab some egg shaped cookie cutters, bake some doggy Easter eggs - and have an Easter egg hunt for your dog? 

See some recipes here:

If you don't feel like going through the effort of staging a hunt, the national service dog association is throwing a doggy Easter egg hunt on Good Friday (March 25). Sadly, there are no events in Toronto but if you're willing to take a road trip, then you're good to go! See the locations here: (attached pic). You can learn more here:


This is a pretty easy theme to bring to life in a dog setting. Check out your local pet store, chances are you will find a stuffed rabbit toy. Be sure to take lots of pictures before your dog totally destroys the bunny. 

Wanting something a bit more life like? No, I do not suggest you go on a rabbit hunt. Rather, why not go get a picture of your pup with the Easter bunny? 

March 25-27: Canadian Pet Expo (

There is also an Easter event at pawsway, which is free! They will have a photo booth set up! March 27 12:00-5:00 pm (

Alternatively, why not channel your own Easter bunny? Hit up the dollar store, buy some bunny ears, and take a photo shoot with your pup! 


Regardless of the setting, be sure to share your pictures and tag @torontoartcrawl and @dogsworldTO so we can share in the adorableness. 


This one is obvious, dogs are just as much part of our family as a human is. Take today, and every day, to remind yourself how lucky you are! Regardless if you make your dog Easter egg cookies, have:go to an Easter egg hunt, or take ridiculously cute rabbit photos - just enjoy this long weekend with your pups and make the most out of it. Wishing you and yours the happiest Easter! 

Remember, it's a dog's world: we're just living in it!


Written by: Kelsey Edwards