If unique is what you are after when it comes to gifts this Valentine’s Day, look no further!

These 6 Toronto artists exhibiting at the Urban Exhibit Market this Sunday February 10th 2019 have you covered!


1. Chocolat De Edible ART!

Exquisite bon bons made by local art historian-turned chocolatier Kata Ambrus. You will not believe the art she creates with chocolate.


2. Nadia Lloyd-The perfect gift for the Toronto-centric person in your life from Toronto OBSESSED artist/ designer Nadia Lloyd. These beautiful Toronto skyline necklaces are available in Rose Gold Plated and Silver Plated. Nadia’s Toronto collection has over 27 products so make sure to check it out!

Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 21.25.59.jpg

3. Mamaa -Handmade soap and body creams made out of the shea butter and baobab oil. Designed and produced by a cooperatives that supports entrepreneurial woman around the globe.


Poppy Dottir
- Beautiful handmade beaded earrings. Bold hearts with Multi colored strata hand strung. Great for all year wear or looking extra special this Valentine's!

5.WongDIY -Original, fun and quirky cards. Who wouldn’t want to receive one of these!

little shop of hearts.jpeg

6. Little House of Hearts-

Unique, handmade, one of a kind stylized anatomical resin heart sculptures and wearable heart pendants in a variety of styles and colours. An appropriate gift for doctors, nurses, heart patients, art nerds, gore enthusiasts and star-crossed lovers alike this Valentine’s Day!

Find these 6 artists and another 50 at this Sunday’s February 10th 2019 Urban Exhibit Market at the Great Hall, 1087 Queen Street West.

Buy your tickets online and save: $8 online and $10 at the door.

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Coming to this Friday’s LIVE AUCTION at The Great Hall? You are in for a real adrenaline pumping treat!

Here is a small preview of some of the amazing items you can bid on.

Bidding starts at 8PM sharp!

Get your tickets online HERE and save at the door! See you in a few!


1. This fun and tasty illustration by Toronto artist Alek Draws measures 18"X 24" and comes ready to hang!


2. Truly stunning timepiece by Toronto Designer G Fox and Co., always a crowd favorite at our events. This luxuty watch will last you a lifetime!

Playa Verde 2.jpg

3.Original art by Toronto Artist Nadia Lloyd. This piece is called "Playa Verde" and is inspired by a trip to Cuba. It measures 24"X 36"X 2" and comes ready to hang.

Tribe of Lambs.jpg

Make a bid that will feel good for a long time to come! This beautiful, delicate sterling silver bracelet is conceptualized by Toronto designer TRIBE OF LAMBS, a nonprofit brand raising funds and awareness for HIV positive children living in various communities in India.

Get lost and mesmorized in this abstract piece by Toronto artist Carmen Li. Carmen creates using alcohol ink on yupo, giving life to pieces that have a light and magical feel. This beautiful piece comes framed and ready to hang.

Lord Mexa.jpg

Want to own a truly unique piece of art? Abstract pop artist Lord Mexa specializes in mixed media compositions and sculptures. Lord created this stunning sculpture titled "La Dama Neoma" which weights 50lbs!

10 ways to get your customers to come to your events!


Exhibiting at events can be really intimidating, especially if you are a newbie at it, but follow these 10 simple tips  and you'll gain confidence and sales in no time!

  1. Send a newsletter to your email list and attach the event poster;
  2. Invite your networks to join the Facebook event page and invite their networks;
  3. Do a daily countdown to your event on social media; a 7-day countdown usually works well;
  4. Re-post articles that feature the event and get people excited (BlogTO, Narcity, etc.);
  5. Preview pics of your work or product on social media with the event info, so that your fans know where to find you;
  6. Tag the event handle and hashtag every time you post on social media, so that the event you tag can re-post you and give you extra exposure;
  7. If you are a member of a Meetup group and a Facebook group, post the event poster with either a link to your info or a link to the Facebook event page; 
  8. Offer an onsite discount to customers who come see you at your event;
  9. Offer VIP swag bags to a certain number of your customers to entice them to come early; and,
  10. Post the event poster on your social media and ask your followers to come with their friends. Following that, tag their friends in the comments. 

There you go! 10 easy steps to follow to ensure that your friends, family members, clients and fans know where you are exhibiting and come out in person to shop! 

Written by Nadia Lloyd

Top 10 awesome things to do/see at the Liberty Village Art Crawl

The 4th annual Liberty Village Art Crawl, Presented by Cirque Du Soleil is only a few days away, and we thought we would fill you in on our top 10 awesome things to do/see at Saturday’s Event!

As many of you know, having been to our previous events, the Liberty Village Art Crawl is a fun outdoor art festival showcasing a plethora of amazing local artists, cool and crafty artisans, delicious food and live entertainment.

For those of you who have never attended, and even just as a motivational boost for those of you who have, here’s our top 10 list of things to do at the Liberty Village Art Crawl this Saturday June 11!

Photo Booth sponsored by Sensus Design and Build

Photo Booth sponsored by Sensus Design and Build

1.    Have your photo taken! Sensus Design and Build will be hosting a fun free photobooth, where you and your pals (including canine companions!) can take fun photos of yourself. If you’re looking for extra things to send via Snapchat, this is definitely the place to be!

Toronto by Nadia Lloyd- Cushion

Toronto by Nadia Lloyd- Cushion

2.    Watch amazing live art displays! Have you ever wondered what an artist looks like during their creative process? Many of our artists and artisans will be doing live demonstrations of their craft (from jewelry making, to portrait painting, you name it, we got it!).

Notable Toronto artists Benny Bing and Nadia Lloyd will be amongst the artists doing live demonstrations of their paintings, you definitely won’t want to miss that!

Tropical Love

Tropical Love

3.    Drink fresh juice from a fruit! Tropic Love will be wowing you all day with their delicious concoctions that not only remind you of summer fun and tropical times, but that are eco-friendly since you get to drink your beverage straight out of the fruits!

4.    Win tickets to see Cirque du Soleil! For the third year in a row, Toronto Art Crawl is proud to be presented by the infamous Cirque du Soleil. After giving you the opportunity to win tickets to both Varekai and Toruk during our previous seasons, this year we’re giving you a chance to win tickets to see their latest show “Luzia”! Check out the Toronto Art Crawl info booth on event day, and enter the draw for a chance to win 2 tickets to their opening Toronto show on July 28, 2016!

5.    Bring home a One Of A Kind piece! The Liberty Village Art Crawl is an opportunity to discover local artists and artisans at the finest of their art. Pottery, photography, jewelry, fashion, doodles, little chakras… just name it, and chances are one of our artists has got it. It is the perfect opportunity to find an add on to your one of a kind collection!

6.    Win a Toronto by Nadia Lloyd gift basket! Nadia Lloyd, artist and creator of the Toronto Art Crawl, will be unveiling her newest collection “Toronto by Nadia Lloyd”, this Saturday at the event. Her newest collection, inspired by the Toronto Skyline, features The6ix like you’ve never seen it before and includes cushions, shower curtains, duvet covers, tshirts, hats, totes, iphone accessories, leggings skirts and scarfs. She will be giving away a gift basket of products from her newest line, worth $230! You’re not going to want to miss it!

DJ @Brunchmastermoreorles

DJ @Brunchmastermoreorles

7.    Enjoy some live spinning! Our DJ (@Brunchmastermoreorles), will be present all day, allowing you to accompany your day of discovery with all of your favorite tunes! Now what’s better than having awesome music in the park? We can’t think of much!

8.    Win a Cirque du Soleil VIP Swag Bag! As is custom for Toronto Art Crawl events, the first 25 attendees to present themselves at our info booth at the beginning of the event, will receive a VIP Swag Bag filled with goodies from Cirque Du Soleil! The event runs from 11AM until 6PM, so be there nice and early to get yours!

9.    Enjoy some sliders! Local favorite, Brazen Head, will be making some delicious grub for all our outdoor art enthusiasts. Even if you think you’re not hungry, the smell alone will draw you towards their mouth-watering booth!

10.  Get a tattoo! Ever considered getting inked, but don’t want to because of its permanence? Travel Art Henna will be doing freehand henna designs for the tattoo enthusiasts that want a temporary tattoo! Her artwork is perfect to temporarily embellish your skin with beautiful designs!

Want to see more of the awesome artists and things to do at the Liberty Village Art Crawl? Check out our website and our Facebook page for even more awesome!

In the studio with @andres.silvera!

"I am a visual mixed medium artist working in watercolor, acrylics and industrial enamels. My main focus is surreal portraiture as I love to capture human emotion and expression."

Andres Silvera will be at the 4th annual Liberty Village Art Crawl June 11th 2016!

In the studio with @bonheurwatch.

"Bonheur Wood Watches makes one of a kind, handcrafted natural wood sourced from all over the world. Ebony & Zebrawood from Africa, Sandalwood from India, Maplewood from North America. 

The body is made from eco-friendly sustainable wood. Premium quality Japanese quartz movement. Non-glare scratch resistant mineral glass. Logo engraved wood case-back. Eco-friendly sustainable wooden bracelet. Logo-engraved stainless-steel push button deployment clasp. Luminous hands. Water resistant. Pride of ownership in a unique piece of art. We do it because we love our specialized work. We are designers, collectors, passionate philanthropists."

They will be showing their awesome products this Saturday at the Liberty Village Art Crawl!


In the studio with Baby Nimbus!

"Baby Nimbus is a platform to help promote and support local / up-and-coming doodlers (designers, illustrators, artists, etc). Our products act as a canvas for the doodlers to showcase their work." Looking for cool and unique designs on your toddler, baby and children's apparel? This is where to look! They will be present at the Liberty Village Art Crawl on June 11th 2016, the Entertainment District Art Crawl on July 8th 2016, the Entertainment District Art Crawl- August 12th 2016, as well as the Christmas Market on November 20th 2016. View their collection at!

In the studio with @travelarthenna!

"I do henna and body art designs on the spot with natural henna, jagua, glitter and body paint. I make my own products and they are all non-toxic and safe for skin."

Travel Art Henna will be at the 4th annual Liberty Village Art Crawl on June 11th 2016, as well as the 4th annual Entertainment District Art Crawl on August 12th 2016

In the Studio with @dream_willow

"Dream Willow is about finding positive happy energy. My pieces focus on expressing my customers' emotions and capturing special moments.

Every hand stamped piece shares love. With every letter that I am fortunate enough to stamp I know that love, happiness, healing, affirmation is passed along.

My pieces help celebrate the birth of a child, a sad send off to a far away land and best of all a wedding. I love stamping secret messages, private nicknames and special dreams.
I get to share these moments multiple times a day as I create each individual piece.
Some pieces are happy and some are sad, but they all share one thing.... Love."

Meet Dream Willow and check out their jewelry at the 4th Annual Liberty Village Art Crawl on June 11th 2016!

In the Studio with Charan Creations

"Charan Creations is home to unique Hand carved wood stamps, traditionally used for the ancient Indian art of 'Block-printing' and hand block printed items. I introduced these versatile stamps at my online shop in an effort to help preserve, promote, revive and save this dying art. These are carved on a very sturdy & durable wood called Indian Rosewood. Since this wood cannot be found here, I do not carve the stamps myself anymore. I now only create the designs and get the stamps carved from artisans in India according to the principles o Fair Trade.

I also 'block-print' items using these wood stamps. Some of block printed items in the line include eco-friendly tote bags, wine gift bags, stationery (greeting cards, gift tags etc), 100% Silk & Cotton scarfs, Table placemats & Napkins etc. The popularity of block printed fabric and hence hand carved stamps considerably diminished. Sadly, the art of 'block printing' is almost lost to modern printing techniques like automated web presses and silk screening.

One of my recent creations are hand sculpted Polymer Clay Appliqué jewelry. Each jewelry piece is made with great love, patience and passion to create something exquisite. No moulds are used to create the details. Each small detail in the design is carefully applied with thin needle and many hours are invested in the creation of each piece."

Charan Creations will be at the Liberty Village Art Crawl, next Saturday June 11th!

In the Studio with @emicreative.

"Hand-crafted jewelry. Passion for new ideas. Different materials and techniques, many hours dedicated to create unique pieces. Jewelry is my passion."

EmiCreative will be present at the 4th Annual Liberty Village Art Crawl on Saturday June 11th!

In the studio with @surfingninjasclothing!

"Surfing Ninjas Clothing was imagined & designed in Toronto, Canada by local mama, Shay Benedict. Getting daily inspiration from watching the fearless adventures & excitement of her two little ninjas, Xavier & Remy."

They will be at the 4th annual Liberty Village Art Crawl on June 11th 2016.

In the studio with Benny Bing!

"Gbenga Alaga, artistically known as Benny Bing, is a Toronto based self-taught artist of Nigerian Birth. His specific style offers a strong, colourful and mysterious perspective of people in their natural elements geared to show the forgotten beauty in all of us. The colourful portraits provide a different filter at observing the human condition and illuminate the raw, intricate details of faces."

Benny Bing will be at the 4th annual Liberty Village Art Crawl on June 11th 2016!

In the Studio with Sexy Back Boutique!

In the Studio with Sexy Back Boutique! (@s3xybackboutique)

"We are known for the bodycon outfits we design and make locally. We offer swimsuits, leggings and dresses with very unique graphics, colours and styles."

Sexy Back Boutique Will be at the 4th annual Liberty Village Art Crawl on June 11th 2016!

In the studio with GFox & Co!

 "G Fox & Co. was created by one wild Fox in 2008. There's a richness to our experience & we aim to convey ours through creative Taste Making. Our Taste Maker concept combines beach and cottage life. We create products that are both uniquely universal and versatile. Our home base is Toronto & Miami." They will be at the Liberty Village Art Crawl on June 11th selling their awesome stuff!

In the Studio with Ana Niculae!

"I have always dreamed of bringing unique and vibrant designs to life and translating them into finely handcrafted creations, while at the same time infusing them with teachings from all my artistic experiences.

Ana Niculae freed my dreams and indulged me with welcomed creative challenges that naturally resulted in my creation of handmade bags, belts and jewelry built on sculptural volumes, complex manual braiding and weaving, leather painting and patinas, sculpted accessories, elegant interior decoration objects, and decorative and wearable masks. Beyond these already established pieces, I also embrace the development of custom projects."

Ana Niculae will be present at the 4th annual Liberty Village Art Crawl on June 11th 2016!

Top 10 things to do at Pampered Pooches T.O.

If you’ve ever been to a doggy event (including the 2 previous Pampered Pooches events), you know that things can get pretty overwhelming, pretty quickly. It is so easy to let your dog lead the way, smell everything, and leave. Then you look back at event pictures and you realize all these little, but awesome, things you missed out on. That’s why I am here! This post outlines the top 10 things to do/see/eat at Pampered Pooches TO, Saturday May 7th 2016.

1. Why take your own pictures when we have an event photo booth!

We live in a social media world, if you don’t instagram that you were here (and tag @pamperedpoochesTO) then it didn’t happen. Sure, you could take a selfie. But why not release your inner model and get a professional shot taken? Trust me, your dog will love it!  And, so will you.

2.  Think your dog is agile? Put it to the test at an agility course

The Village Dog Pack will be having an agility course set up between 11-5. Put your dog through the test. Laughs guaranteed. Just look for the ladies in pink.

3. Swag Bags? Swag Bags.

Be one of the first 25 to Grab a VIP swag bag at the Pampered Pooches info booth right at opening- 11am. Did I mention it is completely free? Get there early. Last year I remember people coming an hour early just for their chance to be one of the first 25 lucky people. Everyone loves swag, so go get your swag on!


I can’t contain my excitement over this one. The food truck this year is Chimney Stax, who serve up these delicious looking cake cones… and its vegan! They look ridiculously good, I personally cannot wait to try. Just as a little teaser, check this out:

5. Q&A with Liberty Village vet Dr. Ellen Kinzl

We have been waiting years to have a vet within the walls of Liberty Village, and Dr. Ellen Kinzl has made our dreams come true. But more than that, she will be at Pampered Pooches and she welcomes any questions you might have. Stop by! I promise your dog won't get a needle.

6.  Celebrity Dogs

If you’re like me, you are obsessed over local Toronto celebrity dogs who have great internet fame. Many will be in attendance at Pampered Pooches, and now is your chance to meet them (and hopefully get a selfie). For example, Flint the Neapolitan mastiff will be there. Along with Kimchi, Dudley, and Dexter the corgis. Tiffany the purple haired pom has also been known to make appearences. Last Pampered Pooches we even had a skateboarding dog. It is a can’t miss!

7.  Have I mentioned FREE SWAG yet?

Yes? Oh… Well.. THERE'S MORE! Park9 Resort-Urban Dog is handing out bandanas for the first 25 customers at the info booth. My favourite type of swag is the kind of swag that dogs can wear. I feel like you guys might feel the same. #dognerds

8. Enter our Contest, the prize is worth $225

Tweet, Instagram and Facebook all day, every day, with the caption  "See you at Pampered Pooches T.O. May 7th”, and tag/hashtag @pamperedpoochesto  #PoochesTO2016. By doing this, you enter to win a $225 VIP weekend retreat at Park9 Resort. Winner will be announced at 5pm on May 7th at the event. Does it get any better than that?

9.  Greeting cards that will make you the envy of your friends!

Looking for that perfect greeting card for your dog loving friends? Greetings from Luna to the rescue! - Meet the artist this May 7th at Pampered Pooches TO!

10. Come meet ME!

Last but not least, stop by my table (Dog’s World Walking). I would love to meet your pets, and my adorable menagerie of dogs who will be joining me would love to meet you back. I can help answer any questions you might have about dog walking, or dogs in general. Not to mention: swag. I am providing 20% off coupons for my group walk services, and I have some pretty cool reflective doggy tags for you. Also, I have been known to carry human treats (did someone say jelly beans??) so if you need a little pick me up, I am there. 

There is so much to do and see on May 7th at Pampered Pooches – and this top 10 list is here to give you some guidance! Be sure to check out the Facebook page, as well as our website – to see if there are any other things not on this list that need to be on your top 10 list for day. And hey, if you want to make a top 20 list, or 50, or 100 list – go for it! Being prepared is key. But please be sure to share your list with us, so we can all get the most out of this awesome day.

Pampered Pooches is May 7th from 11 am – 6 pm at the 80 Lynn Williams parking lot. See you there. And make sure you follow us on Instagram and tag #PoochesTo2016 so we can repost!

It’s a Dog’s World... and we are Pampering our Pooches in it!

Kelsey Edwards