10 ways to get your customers to come to your events!


Exhibiting at events can be really intimidating, especially if you are a newbie at it, but follow these 10 simple tips  and you'll gain confidence and sales in no time!

  1. Send a newsletter to your email list and attach the event poster;
  2. Invite your networks to join the Facebook event page and invite their networks;
  3. Do a daily countdown to your event on social media; a 7-day countdown usually works well;
  4. Re-post articles that feature the event and get people excited (BlogTO, Narcity, etc.);
  5. Preview pics of your work or product on social media with the event info, so that your fans know where to find you;
  6. Tag the event handle and hashtag every time you post on social media, so that the event you tag can re-post you and give you extra exposure;
  7. If you are a member of a Meetup group and a Facebook group, post the event poster with either a link to your info or a link to the Facebook event page; 
  8. Offer an onsite discount to customers who come see you at your event;
  9. Offer VIP swag bags to a certain number of your customers to entice them to come early; and,
  10. Post the event poster on your social media and ask your followers to come with their friends. Following that, tag their friends in the comments. 

There you go! 10 easy steps to follow to ensure that your friends, family members, clients and fans know where you are exhibiting and come out in person to shop! 

Written by Nadia Lloyd