Top 10 things to do at Pampered Pooches T.O.

If you’ve ever been to a doggy event (including the 2 previous Pampered Pooches events), you know that things can get pretty overwhelming, pretty quickly. It is so easy to let your dog lead the way, smell everything, and leave. Then you look back at event pictures and you realize all these little, but awesome, things you missed out on. That’s why I am here! This post outlines the top 10 things to do/see/eat at Pampered Pooches TO, Saturday May 7th 2016.

1. Why take your own pictures when we have an event photo booth!

We live in a social media world, if you don’t instagram that you were here (and tag @pamperedpoochesTO) then it didn’t happen. Sure, you could take a selfie. But why not release your inner model and get a professional shot taken? Trust me, your dog will love it!  And, so will you.

2.  Think your dog is agile? Put it to the test at an agility course

The Village Dog Pack will be having an agility course set up between 11-5. Put your dog through the test. Laughs guaranteed. Just look for the ladies in pink.

3. Swag Bags? Swag Bags.

Be one of the first 25 to Grab a VIP swag bag at the Pampered Pooches info booth right at opening- 11am. Did I mention it is completely free? Get there early. Last year I remember people coming an hour early just for their chance to be one of the first 25 lucky people. Everyone loves swag, so go get your swag on!


I can’t contain my excitement over this one. The food truck this year is Chimney Stax, who serve up these delicious looking cake cones… and its vegan! They look ridiculously good, I personally cannot wait to try. Just as a little teaser, check this out:

5. Q&A with Liberty Village vet Dr. Ellen Kinzl

We have been waiting years to have a vet within the walls of Liberty Village, and Dr. Ellen Kinzl has made our dreams come true. But more than that, she will be at Pampered Pooches and she welcomes any questions you might have. Stop by! I promise your dog won't get a needle.

6.  Celebrity Dogs

If you’re like me, you are obsessed over local Toronto celebrity dogs who have great internet fame. Many will be in attendance at Pampered Pooches, and now is your chance to meet them (and hopefully get a selfie). For example, Flint the Neapolitan mastiff will be there. Along with Kimchi, Dudley, and Dexter the corgis. Tiffany the purple haired pom has also been known to make appearences. Last Pampered Pooches we even had a skateboarding dog. It is a can’t miss!

7.  Have I mentioned FREE SWAG yet?

Yes? Oh… Well.. THERE'S MORE! Park9 Resort-Urban Dog is handing out bandanas for the first 25 customers at the info booth. My favourite type of swag is the kind of swag that dogs can wear. I feel like you guys might feel the same. #dognerds

8. Enter our Contest, the prize is worth $225

Tweet, Instagram and Facebook all day, every day, with the caption  "See you at Pampered Pooches T.O. May 7th”, and tag/hashtag @pamperedpoochesto  #PoochesTO2016. By doing this, you enter to win a $225 VIP weekend retreat at Park9 Resort. Winner will be announced at 5pm on May 7th at the event. Does it get any better than that?

9.  Greeting cards that will make you the envy of your friends!

Looking for that perfect greeting card for your dog loving friends? Greetings from Luna to the rescue! - Meet the artist this May 7th at Pampered Pooches TO!

10. Come meet ME!

Last but not least, stop by my table (Dog’s World Walking). I would love to meet your pets, and my adorable menagerie of dogs who will be joining me would love to meet you back. I can help answer any questions you might have about dog walking, or dogs in general. Not to mention: swag. I am providing 20% off coupons for my group walk services, and I have some pretty cool reflective doggy tags for you. Also, I have been known to carry human treats (did someone say jelly beans??) so if you need a little pick me up, I am there. 

There is so much to do and see on May 7th at Pampered Pooches – and this top 10 list is here to give you some guidance! Be sure to check out the Facebook page, as well as our website – to see if there are any other things not on this list that need to be on your top 10 list for day. And hey, if you want to make a top 20 list, or 50, or 100 list – go for it! Being prepared is key. But please be sure to share your list with us, so we can all get the most out of this awesome day.

Pampered Pooches is May 7th from 11 am – 6 pm at the 80 Lynn Williams parking lot. See you there. And make sure you follow us on Instagram and tag #PoochesTo2016 so we can repost!

It’s a Dog’s World... and we are Pampering our Pooches in it!

Kelsey Edwards