DISPLAYS : Your display should not exceed the amount of space you have selected to pay for.
PAYMENT: Your payment is due in full with your registration. No partial payments allowed.                                                                                     POWER: Power is NOT available at our locations.  
WEATHER: Our shows go on rain, snow or shine.  
ACCEPTABLE MEDIA: Jewelry, glass, stained glass, furniture, sculpture, wood (bowls, boxes, cutting boards, pens etc.), fashion accessories (purses, belts, leather, hats, scarves), pottery, art, photography, ceramics, candles, clothing, body care, children’s toys, textiles art, gourmet food. 
SELECTION OF ARTISANS: Every application is carefully considered  and we take several factors into consideration: category, product uniqueness and design, craftsmanship and artistic professionalism, display, and experience.   
BOOTH SELECTION: We will place the exhibitors in locations at our discretion. Site maps are released 3 days prior to events latest. Please note you may be placed against a wall or another booth. Site maps are designed at our discretion. 
PHOTOGRAPHIC PERMISSION: Any photographs or video collected through applications and taken during the show can and may be used for advertising and promoting our events in the future on the website, TV, radio or print. By agreeing to our terms and conditions , you agree to the use of any images or part of images taken at the show of you, your staff, your booth and products.
ALCOHOL: Alcohol is not permitted at our shows. Anyone found with alcohol at a Toronto Art Crawl event will be removed immediately, except when alcohol is served at the event,i.e. cocktail night at an indoor show.
BOOTH / TABLE SHARING: Allowed for an additional $120 booth sharing premium to the registration fee. Please submit one application per artist. Two artists max.
CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: You are not eligible for a refund 90 days from show. Cancellations prior to 90 days are subject to a $90 administration fee

We supply space only.



Toronto Art Crawl will have the right to terminate this agreement without notice if, in our opinion, the exhibitor breaches this contract. If the exhibitor is found to be objectionable to other vendors, or the public, exhibits material not covered by the contract, or uses forbidden signage such as “reduced price”, “sale today only”, or “show special”, or “sale”. The exhibitor agrees that the exhibit is entirely at their own risk, including theft, personal injury, property damage, or inventory damage due to weather or any other cause. No exhibitor shall pack up, or remove their display before the official closing of the event, without prior agreement with the show producer. All exhibits must be removed in their entirety according to the move out time period on closing of the event. We reserve the right to publicize and advertise at our discretion. Booth placement is at our discretion. We reserve the right to deny setting up if this contract is not signed. We reserve the right to use any photographs or video taken during the event. We recommend carrying liability insurance. INDEMNIFICATION: Exhibitors agree by accepting this agreement, regardless of coverage under any insurance policy, to pay all costs necessary to indemnify, defend and hold the Toronto Art Crawl and its agents (as applicable) harmless from ALL claims, demands, actions, attorney’s fees, cost and expenses based on or arising out of any acts, errors, omissions, fault, or negligence of the contractor or its principles, employee subcontractors or other agents while performing services under this contract.