These 6 exceptionally gifted Toronto artists are exhibiting at the Toronto Art Crawl Spring POP UP this Sunday April 7th 2019 and they are a must meet!

Let’s start with Benjamin of the Monster Project, he is 9 years old and already proving himself to be an amazing creative entrepreneur!


1. Benjamin Howard

9 year old Benjamin Howard has specialized in creating monsters from the age of 7. His talent and ability to capture spirit and character in water colour and ink is amazing. The monsters he has created have been sold across the country and he has chosen to create for a charity. The Angel Foundation for learning. Benjamin will be selling original art, prints , t shirts and even soft toys of his monsters with proceeds all to the Angel Foundation for learning to level the playing field for all students across the TCDSB. For more info and to support Ben please visit: www.angelfoundationforlearning.org/


2. Monika Barta

Monika of Monimon is an immeasurably talented artisan who ingeniously crafts handmade knit, crocheted and fabric-stuffed animals and toys for children of all ages. Her beautiful work is sure to put a smile on everyone's faces.


3. Martin Jurasz -

Martin is an exceptionally accomplished abstract painter and artisan who creates awe-inducing works of art with glorious and vivid colours. His breathtaking work is inspired by all the distinctive and wondrous colours found in nature. @martinmobeart on Instagram

Kristina Unic Art 3.jpg


Kristina Unic-

Kristina is a wildly imaginative and creative artisan who handcrafts astounding original designs and paintings utilizing both acrylic paint and digital tools.

@kristinaunicart on Instagram


Jacqueline Tong-

Jacqueline is an exceptionally skilled artisan who handcrafts luxurious premium leather goods. Her inventive and edgy designs are expertly structured with precise and distinctive cuts. Jacqueline seamlessly merges classic shapes with a contemporary touch. Her premium leather goods are crafted to stand the test of the time through their extraordinary design and quality.



6. Peggy Wong


Peggy is an immensely crafty and polished artist who handcrafts a wide array of exquisite wares. Her intricately crafted handmade wares include:

Soap: crafted through the “melt and pour” process with lovely natural additives and essential oils

Jewellery: crafted with resplendent natural stones and sterling silver. www.wongdiy.com

Find these 6 artists and another 50 at this Sunday’s April 7th Spring POP UP at the Great Hall, 1087 Queen Street West.

Buy your tickets online and save: $8 online and $10 at the door.